Workshop on Biolubricants Marketing Uses and Chemistry

Milan, 9-10 October 2014

Programme (pdf, 330 KB)

  • Production and refining of vegetable oils for industry purposes 
    M.V. Ruiz Mendez (Instituto de la Grasa - CSIC - ES)
  • New technologies for biolubricant synthesis (pdf, 1719 Kb)
    N. Ravasio (CNR ISTM - IT)
  • The agricultural phase of oleaginous no food crops in a perspective of sustainable biorefinery (pdf, 1167 Kb)
    L. Lazzeri, R. Matteo, L. D'Avino (CRA – CIN - IT)
  • Closing the life cycle: collecting and using exhausted biolubricants for energy purposes (pdf, 4877 Kb)
    Parodi (F.lli Parodi - IT)
  • The Italian regulation for bio-lubricants. Opportunities and critical aspects (pdf, 3406 Kb)
    S. Mannelli (Chimica Verde BIONET – IT)
  • Novamont's model of 3° Generation Biorefineries: Opportunities and new developments in biolubricants (pdf, 1097 Kb)
    L. Capuzzi (Novamont - IT)
  • Renewable additive technology as a viable chlorine replacement for metal working applications
    Eastwood(Lubrizol – UK)
  • Biodegradable & Biobased - Standardisation Activities regarding Bio-Lubricants (pdf, 1189 Kb)
    R. Luther (Fuchs Lubricants – DE)
  • Lubricants and chemical additives from renewable sources for industrial applications (pdf, 6481 Kb)
    F. Bucelli (Foundrychem - IT)
  • Techs and economics of an idea: the vegetable based metalworking fluids
    M. Bellini (Bellini - IT)
  • Greening your portfolio, Use the UE ecolabel for lubricants (Development, procedure, criteria and future) (pdf, 1341 Kb)
    H. Krop (IVAM - NL)
  • Metathesis reaction: an overview (pdf, 14554 Kb)
    L. Boggioni (CNR ISMAC - IT)
  • Biolubricant formulations: what the market offers as antioxidant Additives (pdf, 761 Kb)
    M. Sala (Innovhub SSI - Divisione SSOG - IT)
  • A case study: development and use of a biodegradable lubricant, to solve specific issues of systems installed in hydroelectric power plants (pdf, 2017 Kb)
    R. Carboni (Aluchem - IT)

Workshop on Glycerol Marketing, Uses and Chemistry

Milano, 18/19 October 2012
Via Giuseppe Colombo 79 – 20133 MILANO


PROGRAMME (pdf, 303 Kb)

Session 1 – General

  • Bioglycerol as Chemical Raw Material (pdf, 1977 Kb)
    Mario Pagliaro (CNR - Palermo, IT)
  • Market overview (pdf, 2735 Kb)
    Alberto Iaconi (Spiga Nord - Carasco, IT)
  • Regulatory aspects (pdf, 5004 Kb)
    Susanna Larocca (SO.G.I.S. – Cremona, IT)
  • Glycerol: the standpoint of biodiesel industry (pdf, 1965 Kb)
    Piergiuseppe Polla (Novaol Srl – Milano, IT)


Session 2 – Glycerol chemistry

  • Selective Esterification of Glycerol and Glycerol Formal (pdf, 2923 Kb)
    Mark Ruesch Gen. Klaas (University of Applied Sciences Emden-Leer, Emden, DE) 
  • Glycerol / Five-Membered Cyclic Glycerilic Carbonates: New Tandems for Ring - Opening Oligomerisation Into Glycerilic Oligo-carbonates, Oligoglycerols, and Non-Isocyanate Oligohydroxy-urethanes (pdf, 2612 Kb)
    Zephirin Mouloungui (INRA - Univ. of Toulouse - Toulouse, FR) 
  • Development of a technology of dehydration of glycerol to acrolein, from catalyst to reactor and process (pdf, 3053 Kb)
    Franck Dumeignil (University of Lille - Lille, FR)
  • New heterogeneous catalyst for glycerol esterification
    Nicoletta Ravasio (CNR - ISTM - Milano, IT) 
  • Polyglicerol chemistry and applications (pdf, 803 Kb)
    Claudio Merlo (Spiga Nord - Carasco, IT )
  • New feed ingredients based on glycerol esters (pdf, 1198 Kb)
    Manuela Parini (Silo - Firenze, IT)


Session 3 – Glycerol as it is

  • Glycerol as a feed ingredient (pdf, 7178 Kb)
    Paolo Galliussi (ED & F MAN - Bologna, IT)
  • Properties of pure glycerol (pdf, 1111 Kb)
    Maura Sala (Innovhub SSI - Divisione SSOG - Milano IT)
  • New applications of glycerol solutions (pdf, 4082 Kb)
    Paolo Bondioli (Innovhub SSI – Divisione SSOG - Milano IT)
  • General topics on the use of glycerol as coolant (pdf, 1136 Kb)
    Manuela Toscanini (ENI DIV. R & M - San Donato Milanese, IT)