8.30-9.00              REGISTRATION

9.00-9.10              OPENING

                               M. Bonaccorso (Assobiotec, I)

9.10-9.20              WELCOME MESSAGE

                               G. Fabiani (Regione Lazio, I)

               S. Fantacone (Lazio Innova, I)

                               KEY NOTES            Chair: G. Sannia (University of Naples Federico II)

9.20-9.40               The role of biomass in the world bioeconomy - M. McLaughlin (BInCanada, CDN)

9.40-10.00             The BioCycle Economy - D. Walker (Ellen McArthur Foundation, UK)

10.00-10.20           EU Bioeconomy Strategy—Looking ahead - T. Arnold (DG R&I EU Commission, EU)

10.20-10.40           EU new RED - G. Volpi (DG for Energy EU Commission, EU)

10.40-11.00           COFFEE BREAK—POSTER SESSION

REGIONAL POLICIES          Chair: C. Patermann

11.00-11.15         BioVale: establishing a high value waste-based bioeconomy - M. Smallwood (BioVale, UK)

11.15-11.30         The role of regions in the Italian bioeconomy - R. Liberali (Cluster SPRING, I)

11.30-11.45         IAR: the bioeconomy innovation catalyst in Hauts-de-France and Grand Est - C. Luguel (IAR Pole, F)

11.45-12.00         Bioeconomy policies in Rheinland Westfalen - M. Kircher (CLIB2021, D)

12.00-12.15         Policy for opportunities for the biobased economy in Zuid-Holland - H. Vooijs (Province Zuid Holland, NL)

12.15-13.15         ROUND TABLE     Chair: C. Patermann

                            Shared Pilot Facilities: the experience of European smart pilots - I. Bonetti (INNOVHUB-SSI, I), P. Flippo                                               (Bioprocess Pilot Facility, NL), B. Vanlerberghe (Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, B), J. Mena Sanz (CLAMBER R&D                                    Biorefinery, E), D. Porro (University of Milano Bicocca, I), M. Vänskä (VTT, FIN)          


             BIO-BASED INDUSTRIES    Chair: L. Gardossi (University of Trieste)

14.30-14.40         Bioeconomy in Poland: open opportunities - S. Bielecki (Technical University of Lodz, PL)

14.40-14.50         From Novamont Group, Mater-Biotech a flagship plant for bio-bdo production - C. Giardi (Mater Biotech, I)

14.50-15.00          Whisky, wood and water: designed a bioeconomy with what you have to hand - P. Hudman (IbioIC, Scotland, UK)

15.00-15.10          Development and scale-up of fermentation processes for the manufacturing of microbial enzymes and biochemical                               M. Pistocchi (Biosphere, I)

15.10-15.20         Create added value in Halzelnut Industry - R. Menta (Ferrero Group, I)

15.20-15.30         Policy strategies for sustaining European transition towards a bio-based economy - E. Imbert (University of Rome                                La Sapienza, I)

                             BBI JU: THREE SUCCESS CASES         Chair: S. Longoni (INNOVHUB-SSI)

15.30-15.45         The AgriMax approach to the agri-food waste valorization - G. Belotti (IRIS, E)

15.45-16.00         BBI DEMO project GRACE-Scope, aims and challenges - A. Kiesel (university of Hohenheim, D)

16.00-16.15          BBI Afterlife-Valorisation of the organic content of wastewater as feedstock, contributing to the renewable circular economy - D. Centrone (EggPlant, I)  pdf Centrone


ENERGY AND BIOREFINERIES          Chair: G. Speranza (University of Milan), D. Chiaramonti (University of Florence)

16.45-16.55          From dedicated crops to food waste valorization: different models of biorefinery - N. Ravasio (CNR-ISTM, I)

16.55-17.05         Biobased Isobutene from Drop-In fuels and chemicals - R. Rocle (Global Bioenergies, F)

17.05-17.15         The Green Refinery Project - G. Rispoli (ENI, I)

17.15-17.25         Bioenergy in western Macedonia - Y. Fallas (West Macedonia Bioenergyand Environment Cluster, GR)

17.25-17.35         Chemical intermediates from side streams and residues - I. De Bari (ENEA, I)

17.35-17.45         The public perception of biobased products. The European project BIOWAYS - S. Albertini (FVA, I)

17.45-18.05          BIOTECSUR Platform – Collaboration MERCOSUR – EU in biotechnology - O. Yantorno ( BIOTECH II Project, RA)

18.05-18.10         CLOSING



8.30-9.00              REGISTRATION

9.00-9.10              WELCOME MESSAGE

                               L. Campitelli (Lazio Innova, I)

F. Miraglia (Cluster C.H.I.Co, I)

                               CIRCULAR ECONOMY        Chair: M. Tellini (Intesa Sanpaolo)

9.10-9.20               Converting waste/wastewater organic matter into valuable bio-based products: 3 pilot-scale studies in the H2020                                  Programme - M. Majone (University of Rome La Sapienza

9.20-9.30               Bioeconomy in the Czech Republic: adopting the circular economy - G. Sakellaris (University of South Bohemia,                                    CZ)

9.30-9.40               Circular bioeconomy: how to have people on board. The experience of Greece - C. Vorgias ( University of Athens,                                 GR)

9.40-9.50               Quality driven use of organic waste streams from agriculture to fuel circular bioeconomy - A. Battistelli (CNR-IBAF,                                 I)

9.50-10.00             Industrial feather waste valorisation for sustainable keratin-based materials - A. Franciosini (Ciaotech,I)

10.00-10.55          SUCCESS PROJECTS—ELEVATOR PITCHES      Chair: A. Contri (Intesa Sanpaolo)

10.55-11.25          COFFEE BREAK—POSTER SESSION

11.25-12.10          SUCCESS PROJECTS—ELEVATOR PITCHES      Chair: A. Contri (Intesa Sanpaolo)

                               LIFE SCIENCES      Chairs: D. Ubiali (University of Pavia), S. Riva (CNR-ICRM)

12.10-12.20          Beyond medicine to deliver innovative, holistic health care solutions to patients - I. Di Schiena (Abbvie, USA)

12.20-12.30          Continuous Bioprocess: evolution not revolution for the biopharmaceutical industry - M. Sanvito (Pall Europe, UK)

12.30-12.40          Polychromatic flow cytometry: measuring multiple biomarkers expression on different cell subpopulations - S. Di                                   Giovine (FlowMetric Europe, I)

12.40-12.50          Immobilized enzymes in continuous bioreactors: a sustainable and green approach for food processing - I. Benucci                               (Tuscia University, I)

12.50-13.00          The development and manufacturing of anticancer drugs with high potency and cytotoxic characteristics for the                                    pharmaceutical industry - G. Salciarini (BSP Pharmaceuticals, I)

13.00-13.10         Genetic cancer vaccines: present and future perspectives - L. Aurisicchio (Takis Biotech, I)

13.10-13.20         A_IATRIS: bricks and brains for the promotion of translational medicine - F. Moretti (ISS, I)

13.20-13.30         CLOSING